Collaboration to achieve your aspirations

Collaboration to achieve your aspirations

Success Guru Dr Alok Chandra experts in fields ranging from  Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership, Operations, Life Success Coaching and more. He is here to help your business shine.

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Collaboration with our partners

Successful collaboration have a measurable impact on your business’s short-term and long-term growth.


Passion for results

Thru a broad range of scientifically based coaching, customized to your needs, strengthens the organization, teams, and individual employees


Constantly improving

We must serve the people, invest in the people. If we Coach, the company will grow as the minds grow.

Tailor-Made Need based Training

create a more productive and successful company culture.

Sales & Marketing Leadership Success Coaching
Training on Behavioral Skills
Millennium & Gen Z training
Manager training for the first time

Nothing compares to Success Guru’s expertise in sales and customer service. He has created his own proprietary sales and service competency framework, which has been shown to be helpful in the development of effective sales and service executives.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Leadership Success Coaching

Leadership development methods that are entertaining and engaging

Soft Skills Training

Success Doctor works on personal attributes, communication abilities, personality traits, etc.

Sales Training

Nothing compares to Success Guru’s expertise in sales . He has created his own proprietary sales competency framework.

Millennium Success Coaching

The new millennium way of relating to work.

21 days transformation

A complete action plan for success

Team Happiness

Happiness is strongly correlated with team well-being.

First Time Manager Training

Leadership development methods that are entertaining and engaging

Onboarding & Induction

Success Doctor works on personal attributes, communication abilities, personality traits, etc.

Growth Productivity Training

boost your productivity, as well as how mastering prioritization and delegation maximizes your effectiveness at work.

Bespoke Training and Coaching

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Look around the corner. See what’s coming. Anticipate what’s next so you can stay a step ahead lOnce We sees a pattern, we can work together to take steps so the issue does not happen again and we avoid mistakes.

We also do the review of  current processes and offerings and asking, “What if?” as a way to try and promote steady growth and find  possible growth patterns.

Upskilling and re-skilling

Where personal purpose transforms professional potential. The New Equation is turning resources into resourceful.

Think Ahead

The future is approaching at a faster rate than ever before. The ability to think ahead and implementation is critical 

Training Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

In our Coaching Success Guru shares a broad range of personal life experiences.
Whatever the nature of the engagement for which you need our assistance, we seek for novel approaches to the challenge.  We just don’t like the cookie-cutter approach, which is why each of our interventions is unique, built with great care and attention to detail.

Outcome based


We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

Sales Success Training

  • Empower your Sales Force
  • Increase Your Profit
  • Become Best Marketer
  • Digital Adaptation
  • Sales Framework
  • How to Sell Nowadays
  • How Neo Marketing Works 
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer Behaviour Targeting 

Success Stories

engage Employees with increased Productivity

Adopt Success Guru Neo Sales Techniques and Marketing & Custom Experience 5.0 Transformation Strategy

What's Trending Now : Neo Sales 5.0

Marketing 5.0 emerges in the context of three fundamental challenges: intergenerational gaps, socioeconomic division, and the access to technology. For the first time in human history, five generations living on the same planet have opposing attitudes, preferences, and actions. The Baby Boomers and Generation X continue to dominate the majority of company leadership roles and have the largest relative purchasing power. However, the digitally literate Generations Y and Z now make up the largest employment and consumer markets. The divide between the elder corporate leaders who make the majority of the choices and their younger management and customers will be a major roadblock.

Technology is the main catalyst for Marketing 5.0

Marketers have been exposed to the benefits of digitalisation thanks to the rise of social media marketing and search engine marketing, as well as the exponential growth of e-commerce. However, digital marketing isn’t much more than moving customers to digital channels and increasing spending on digital media. Digital technology has the potential to change the way marketers do business.                            In other aspects, technology will enable data-driven, predictive, contextual, augmented, and agile marketing. We identify the five key components of Marketing 5.0 based on how sophisticated technology provides value to marketing. Predictive marketing, contextual marketing, and enhanced marketing are the three applications that make up Marketing 5.0. Those applications, however, are based on two organisational disciplines: data-driven and agile marketing.

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Stuart Oneil

CEO, Luryc

“Dr Alok Chandra is a highly professional consulting firm. We can depend on them to be transparent, smart, and committed to our success.”

Elly Brett

Business Operations, Bewarx

“over the years, Success Guru  has consistently proven his ability to understand our business needs and help us outperform our expectations.”

Jenna Ballard

VP Marketing, Wico

“When we needed help to manage the strategy and rollout of a complex marketing plan, Dr Chandra turned out to be the perfect partner.”


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

If you want to make a difference this year, have your managers and supervisors make a priority of Success  coaching journey, your organization will see significant improvements.  begin Success coaching – you will see improvements in best practices throughout. Remember, if we can assist you, give us a call; we would be honored to work with you!

Success Guru Dr Alok Chandra , he has owned and coached several companies. Dr Alok Chandra is highly recommended throughout the industry.