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Global Success Guru, Professor and author of Indian descent, Dr Alok Chandra is well regarded as a motivational and leadership speaker who has gained international acclaim for his work. With his book, ‘Success Transformation Accelerator: 21 Day Blueprint,’ he became an international sensation, and he is well-known as a writer who possesses a thorough understanding of both life and business. He has a Doctorate degree in Management, is a decorated Air Force war veteran, and has worked as a Director in the corporate world for several years. He was unable to find peace or contentment in his work, though. The epiphany that changed his life did not occur in a flash of inspiration or insight. It had been a long and drawn-out procedure, replete with setbacks. Following the international popularity of his book, he resigned from his corporate position and followed his calling. What he did not anticipate, however, was his rising fame as a Success Coach . He started teaching and his Success techniques has changed lives of thousands of Millennium and Gen Z. His services are currently in demand by CEOs and other top executives from the business sector, who seek his guidance on how to keep staff motivated. He has provided consulting and training services to a number of Fortune 500 firms, and these organisations often invite him to deliver lectures

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Success Guru Dr. Alok Chandra

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How to elevate your optimism so you get more done, multiply your luck, and achieve true pleasure

Has acted as a private mentor to today’s giants of industry, high performers, and sports superstars

To help you unleash your highest productivity so that you can bring your fire to the projects you’ve been resisting, a neuroscience-based technique

How to recapture your LUCK, SUCCESS, CONFIDENCE, and SELF-DETERMINATION that you may have lost as a result of life’s difficulties in a systematic manner

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